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“I have just downloaded my last 18 months of electricity bills for which my reading are given quarterly.  The total usage between December 2016 to March 2017 (101 days) was 7484 kWh.  This was very high and I was away for 3 weeks within that period.  The usage from December 2017 to March 2018 (again 101 days) was 5422 kWh.  This is a huge reduction on the same quarter of the previous year, largely due to us not using the electric heaters so much but also using the OWL and monitoring my usage closely and we were all more aware of trying not to wasting energy!   We did have an exceptionally cold spell too this winter, which surprised me still seeing such a massive reduction. This means we are saving just over £400 a year!

Following your support - all the light bulbs have been changed to LED’s around the house, the heaters all have timers and only on minimal use if necessary.  The electric showers had new heads fitted which use less water but provide better higher pressure.  Because the pressure was better, washing shampoo out of hair was so much quicker, thus reducing time in the shower.  (I have girls with very long hair and they used to take ages in the shower!). 

 Timers have also been installed on all the heated towel rails, set to come on just a couple of hours a day but most of the time are not being switched on.  I’m using the economy, 15 minute setting on my washing machine more frequently and the dishwasher has a 29 minute cycle which I worked out it is more economical, using it once a day, rather than putting the immersion on for an hour and a half morning and evening which it needs to heat up the water enough to do the dishes in the sink.  Whereas on wet days, I would often tumble dry clothes straight from the washing machine, I now put them on airers in the conservatory.  They pretty much dry overnight and I don’t even heat the conservatory - win win!

 I am still keen to keep reducing our carbon footprint and it’s a great topic of conversation with my visitors around the breakfast table.  I honestly think the majority of people are taking more notice now and want to make their own contribution.” 

 Victoria Hitchens – Nancherrow Guest House


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