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OWL Resources

In this section you will find manuals for the standalone OWL monitors, i.e those that are not connected to the internet. You will also find guides to setting up, using and trouble shooting both the WIFI connected OWL Intuitions and the standalone monitors.

OWL Micro+ Manual 

Download the OWL +USB Manual from this page

OWL Intuition (WIFI connected OWL) Set Up Guide for Single Phase Electricity Meters

OWL Intuition (WIFI connected OWL) Set Up Guide for Three Phase Electricity Meters

OWL Intuition Trouble Shooting Guide – Single Phase

OWL Intuition Trouble Shooting Guide – Three Phase

OWL Display Note – This can be displayed within your business to show your customers or guests that you are monitoring your energy and taking part in the Smart Energy Islands Programme.

OWL USB Data Collection Guide – The USB Manual describes how to collect data from your OWL USB. This guide reproduces that in a (hopefully) clearer format. If you have any problems you can also get in touch via Ben. Don’t forget to download every 30 days!

Re-Pairing Guides:

You may need to re-pair you OWL Intuition (WIFI -Connected OWL) occasionally. This might happen if your batteries run out in the transmitter or you unplug the receiver. The transmitter is the white box attached via cables to your electricity meter. The receiver is the white rectangle with an antenna that is plugged into the back of your router. These guide explains how to do that:

OWL Re-pairing Guide – 3 Phase

OWL Re-pairing Guide – Single Phase

Appliance Monitoring:

You may wish to carry out more detailed monitoring of specific appliances to see what they cost you each month. These resources help you do that. There is an excel spreadsheet to fill in and a guide of how to use it.

Excel Spreadsheet

How To Guide

Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets have been created to provide further information on common energy saving opportunities and actions.

Read this  Heater Types fact sheet if you are considering buying new electric heating. It will help you assess the pros and cons of common types of heater.

This LED Fact Sheet gives further details and advice relating to buying LED bulbs, knowing which one to buy and getting the right colour and brightness.

This  POU Factsheet  fact sheet looks at point-of-use (POU) and instantaneous hot water heaters. These are generally installed below your sink and remove the need to store and transport water from a larger tank.

These two documents, a template and guidance to complete the template, help you communicate to your guests the efforts that you have made to make your business more sustainable. These documents have been created by an expert in the field of engaging and communicating with people regarding sustainability.

Sustainability Story – Template V3

Sustainability Story – Guidance

The Solar PV fact sheet covers all the key information for taking the next step to installing solar PV panels.